Estrid is a rare and exciting journey. The ongoing challenges and puzzles of building the brand of the future help me continuously grow. But most importantly, I get to work with people that are truly incredible, people that are a genuine force for good in the world.

William M. Business Analyst

What I like the most about working at Estrid is that you never stop learning. Every day is nothing alike, always new challenges, always new possibilities, always new openings, Estrid is a never ending saga.

Angelica B. Special Projects

The idea

It doesn’t matter how, where, when or if you shave. Estrid is just our way of taking back the right to our own body hair without embedded ideals

Amanda Co-founder

Our founders

Why are so many of my friends using men’s razors? That question came up when Amanda Westerbom, a photographer who also happens to have a bachelor’s in economics, talked to some of her friends (all women) about their shaving habits. 

This also happens to be the very question that led to the creation of Estrid. 

Around the same time she was working on a project with Ben Eliass, a former online poker champion turned investor, and Alan Aygun, an award-winning e-commerce wiz. This seemingly unlikely trio quickly realized that they complimented each other perfectly and started discussing possible future projects – they landed on the women first razor brand Estrid. 

To make sure that their new pet project would get off to a great start and make a splash on the body care scene Ben reached out to his friend, creative consultant, and stylist Nadia Kandil. 

Together they started working on a brand that would not only revolutionize the market and simplify the shaving routine for women, but do it with true passion and heart.

What inspired you to launch Estrid?

Amanda Westerbom – Head of People & Brand

– After having worked as a photographer and retoucher for many different companies I dreamed about promoting a healthier and more diverse image of women, building a brand that would solve an actual problem and that always put the customer first. I wanted to create a workplace where everyone could feel at home and grow regardless of experience or background. 

 Ben Eliass – CEO

– Amanda’s thoughts on how many women choose men’s razors because of the higher quality combined with the out of touch ideals promoted by other razor brands made me see that we could actually make a positive change for a specific group of people. Today we consider those people a part of Estrid’s community. 

Nadia Kandil – Creative Director, partner

– I like practical solutions and beautiful things, so when Ben, Amanda and Alan presented their new project to me I was instantly hooked. As a creative I’ve longed to work with a brand were I could develop, push the concept of beauty, challenge the way we portray women and how to act as a feminist in a non feminist business. 

Alan Aygun – Tech and Supply

– The fact that I strongly believe in simple solutions to everyday problems aside, I really wanted to be a part of creating a home for creative, ambitious and open minded talent — and to change a stagnant market together. Diversity and inclusion is very important to me. Growing up as one of few immigrants in my neighborhood and seeing my parents fight for acceptance has left me with the will to build a company and a brand that is for everyone. 

Join the team! ✨


A brand, much like a party, is only as great as the people present. We are lucky enough to have a group of exceptionally smart, hard-working fun, and kind people as a part of our team. We work, play, and solve problems together, while —hopefully— making the world just a little bit better.


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