The getting-hired-journey

We’re not big on traditional roles, we’d rather hire people that fit like the missing piece to our Estrid shaped puzzle. 

  • Step 1: Hi! 👋Grab your resume, your goals, and give us the deets on all things you. To try to keep the whole process as unbiased as possible we will ask a few candidates, that match our requirements, to complete an assessment test.
  • Step 2: Interview. Do your homework, ask as many questions as you want, and don’t be nervous. This is just as much about you getting to know us as the other way around!
  • Step 3: Getting to know each other more. If we still think we could be a great match and move forward with the process, depending on the role, we might ask you to do a case and/or to meet with another person from our team.
  • Step 4: Decision time. If we get butterflies in our stomach and start writing your name over and over in our notebooks surrounded by tiny hearts we’ll ask you to join our team! 

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A brand, much like a party, is only as great as the people present. We are lucky enough to have a group of exceptionally smart, hard-working fun, and kind people as a part of our team. We work, play, and solve problems together, while —hopefully— making the world just a little bit better.


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